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The word Anselmo has a web popularity of 24600000 pages.


What means Anselmo?

The meaning of Anselmo is: God Helmet

Anselmo Cavalcanti Rodrigues says: Anselmo comes from the Teutonic "Hanses helmutt" helmet of the Hanses or armor of the Hanses, demonic deities, protector of the warriors

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...Anselmo is located in the oak grove school district of san jose.
Anselmo is nestled in the heart of one of the most picturesque areas in california.
Anselmo is basically a residential community protected by a very service.
Anselmo is a licensed real estate broker in illinois.
Anselmo is served by its own police department and the ross valley fire service.
Anselmo is a charming community of older homes amid diverse architectural styles.
Anselmo is the lack of efficiency at town hall in the planning.
Anselmo is located 17 miles north of san francisco in marin county.
Anselmo is known for antiques as the town boasts over a hundred antiques shops and dealers.
Anselmo is of particular interest to train buffs as it formed the hub of the marin county railway system.

What is the origin of name Anselmo? Probably Italy or Brazil.

Anselmo spelled backwards is Omlesna
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Naoseml Slenoam Nlesoma Nsomlea Selmona Monaels Oalmens Mnosael Smaleno Onelmas Soanlem Omasnel Lemoasn Eansoml Lmenoas
Misspells: Snselmo Ansellmo Anelmo Anselmoa Asnelmo Anselom Ansemlo

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