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The word Faustina has a web popularity of 6150000 pages.


What means Faustina?

The meaning of Faustina is: Lucky

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...Faustina is accused of flying his 1967 mooney aircraft through restricted airspace over camp david in may.
Faustina is revered throughout the world as the saint associated with the divine mercy.
Faustina is pictured with her 1998 filly foal by bbd fortune.
Faustina is a most beautiful collection of words from our dear savior to humanity.
Faustina is extremely powerful as an advocate for anyone who desires to gain confidence in god.
Faustina is already holding court in the art museum.
Faustina is a professional scrimshander of over fifteen years.
Faustina is an artist of many mediums for the past thirty five years.
Faustina is a reinterpretation by the author of a photograph in the divine mercy message and devotion.
Faustina is asked to communicate it at the following address.

What is the origin of name Faustina? Probably Italy or UK.

Faustina spelled backwards is Anitsuaf
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Uafisant Sutifnaa Tusaniaf Atfuanis Stiufaan
Misspells: Fsustina Fausttina Faustyna Fautina Faustinaa Fuastina Faustian Faustnia

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Faustina Faustina Faustina Faustina Faustina
Faustina Faustina Faustina Faustina Faustina

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