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The word Gimeno has a web popularity of 6790000 pages.


What means Gimeno?
The meaning of Gimeno is unknown.

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...Gimeno is associate professor of strategy and management at insead.
Gimeno is also currently a member of the eurocall executive committee.
Gimeno is moraalfilosoof en als assistent verbonden aan de vakgroep wijsbegeerte en moraalwetenschappen van de universiteit gent.
Gimeno is the mastermind behind the name ursula 1000.
Gimeno is a family medicine physician with seven years of experience in the practice of public health.
Gimeno is moraalfilosoof en als assistent verbonden aan de universiteit gent.
Gimeno is an example of the misunderstood artist whose work was not recognised until after his death.
Gimeno is martin evans is kev pankhurst is jez rayner is if you.
Gimeno is assigned to attend the next vich meeting to be hold in tokyo.
Gimeno is currently senior lecturer at the language department of the universidad politecnica de valencia.

What is the origin of name Gimeno? Probably Spain or France.

Gimeno spelled backwards is Onemig
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Giomne Mogine Imegno Menogi Oigenm Inmoge Enmogi Omengi Igomen Egmoin Oemgin Iemogn Gionem
Misspells: Gymeno Gimenoa Gmieno Gimeon Gimneo

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