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The word Soler has a web popularity of 39100000 pages.


What means Soler?
The meaning of Soler is unknown.

Alfons says: In Catalan, Soler means THE SUNNY SIDE OF A MOUNTAIN

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...Soler is president of the youth law center and directs the building blocks for youth initiative.
Soler is the founder and executive director of the san francisco.
Soler is the founder and executive director of the family violence prevention fund.
Soler is a wonderful two pitch route climbing twin fingercracks in a dihedral.
Soler is known almost entirely for his keyboard sonatas written for royal patrons.
Soler is owned by the soler family and was founded in 1968.
Soler is a freelance artist whose recently created game art for various sites.
Soler is a brownfield developer who holds an economics degree from the university of.
Soler is a brownfield developer who holds an economics degree from the university of massachusetts at amherst.
Soler is principally known for his many keyboard sonatas.

What is the origin of name Soler? Probably France or Spain.

Soler spelled backwards is Relos
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Sorel Lreos Lores Lesor Olser Elros Rlose Erosl Sleor Olres Erlos Rleso Srelo Rosle
Misspells: Solet Soller Solel Sole Oler Solera Sloer Solre Soelr

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Laura Pérez Soler
Laia Massansalvador Soler
Luis Sardá Soler
Sergio Sanchis Soler
Elisenda Soler
Dolors Soler
Rosa Domingo Soler
Sue Soler
Mama Soler
Blanca Barbat Soler
Arturo Roman Soler
Mayte Rubio Soler
Aureli Soler
Inmaculada Soler
Lorena Soler Soler
Vanessa Millan Soler
Jordi Mallol Soler
Quim Portella Soler
Marc Esteve Soler
Solis Soler
Rosa Soler
Josema Soler
Alan Escobar Soler
Africa Soler
Erik Sorensen Soler
Andreu Benedito Soler
Juan Florido Soler