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What means Vicente?

The meaning of Vicente is: Conquering

Vicente Saettone says: Vicente Saettone

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...Vicente is a federally qualified health center affiliated with the daughters of charity health system.
Vicente is a very active member of the 4dportal community.
Vicente is a rustic rural country farmhouse situated within 10 minutes drive of the traditional white village of colmenar and forty minutes drive north.
Vicente is an innovative educator as evidenced by two university.
Vicente is located at an elevation of 659 feet north of san diego.
Vicente is one of the islands of the cape verde archipelago.
Vicente is now starting to experience the downside of being put on stage at such a young age.
Vicente is the commercial center of a region that produces coffee and sugarcane.
Vicente is currently wanting to network a fairly evenly dispersed number of.
Vicente is a small school district contained entirely within big bend national park.

What is the origin of name Vicente? Probably Spain or Brazil.

Vicente spelled backwards is Etneciv
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Ivecetn Inecetv Icetnev Centeiv Teivenc Tiecven Cevinet Netevci Icneevt Evicetn Encivet
Misspells: Vicentte Vycente Wicente Vicentea Vciente Vicenet Vicetne

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Sol Calvo Vicente
Juan Vicente
Santos Vicente
Gustavo Vicente
Ruben Casas Vicente
Alba Vicente
Nvhabogada Nuria Vicente
Patxi Ortega Vicente
Cristina Vicente Vicente
Carla Not Vicente
Conchi Sanchez Vicente
Juncal Sevilla Vicente
Nieves Rodriguez Vicente
Irati Igartua Vicente
Jesus De Vicente
Adriano Arroyo Vicente
Mar De Vicente
Teresa De Vicente
Javier Tobarra Vicente
Francisco Segarra Vicente
Pedro Vicente
Maider Vicente
Espe Vicente
Noelia Cespo Vicente