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The word Sandstedt has a web popularity of 894000 pages.


What means Sandstedt?
The meaning of Sandstedt is unknown.

Ari Sandstedt says: There are over 10 Sandstedt in Finland too. Sandstedt is a village in north Germany near Bremerhaven and Bremen (

Lance Sandstead says: Our family name was Sandstedt when my great grandfather immigrated to the US from Sweden with two of his brothers in the late 1860s. My grandfather and two of his brothers changed it to Sandstead as young men. Every other branch of our family is (as far as I know) still Sandstedt. In Sweden, our Sandstedt's came from Norra Sansjo, Jonkopping, Sweden. Never have been able to find out the origin of the name. Going back from my great grandfather, who immigrated to the States, there are only 3 generations of Sandstedt before the name disappears and traditional Swedish names take over: ie ...sen or son or dottir. Andersson, Gunnarsson, Persson.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Sandstedt is no stranger to the minneapolis music scene.
Sandstedt is known for its molded gratings designed for.
Sandstedt is very concerned about some proposed legislation.
Sandstedt is a licensed clinical social worker with extensive experience in working with both children and adults with cancer.
Sandstedt is a teacher at ridgeway elementary and the troop committee chair for boy scout troop 707.

What is the origin of name Sandstedt? Probably Sweden or Norway.

Sandstedt spelled backwards is Tdetsdnas
This name has 9 letters: 2 vowels (22.22%) and 7 consonants (77.78%).

Misspells: Ssndstedt Sandsttedt Andstedt Sandstedta Snadstedt Sandstetd Sandstdet

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