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The word Abdul has a web popularity of 177000000 pages.


What means Abdul?

The meaning of Abdul is: Servant

Web synthesis about this name:

...Abdul is mallet king of the uk a retired teacher has picked up a second major croquet title to join an elite band of mallet men.
Abdul is professor of law at the university of warwick.
Abdul is yelling and throwing water and stones at staff.
Abdul is one of two living sons and is very concerned about the health and welfare of his 76 year old mother who.
Abdul is tempted to sleep for another 10 more minutes and be late.
Abdul is known for her funky dance moves that took her all the way from her debut as a laker girl to a pop singing sensation.
Abdul is assisted by two dancers from her tour and a room filled with other people who are following along with the routine.
Abdul is a former chair of the london east asian business association.
Abdul is the nom de plum of a california man who is a practicing professional electrical engineer.
Abdul is a palestinian australian secondary student.

What is the origin of name Abdul? Probably UK or Pakistan.

Abdul spelled backwards is Ludba
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Ablud Budal Dluba Duabl Bdaul Adlub Ulbad Adubl Lduab Aludb Lbadu
Misspells: Sbdul Abdull Abdula Adbul Abdlu Abudl

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Abdul Abdul Abdul Abdul Abdul

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Abdul Majeed Kanwal
Abdul Khaliq Sofizada
Abdul Salam Dero
Abdul Rehman Baitulmukarram
Abdul Latip Mohamed
Abdul Ayis
Abdul Mousli
Abdul Rahman Razali
Abdul Ahmad Barakzi
Abdul Razaq Honnutagi
Abdul Russell
Abdul Rehman Tanveer
Abdul Haq Awan
Abdul Aznol
Abdul Bapoo
Abdul Talib Zaidy
Abdul Hafiz Darwish
Abdul Almkinzy
Abdul Hajis
Abdul Samad Bhutto
Abdul Rahman Bakir
Abdul Brohim
Abdul Nawed
Abdul Ali Hassan
Abdul Aziz Kuwait
Abdul Rahman Jetawi
Abdul Hakeem Sankoh
Abdul Raguman
Abdul Rahiman Kezhumvathukkal
Abdul Karim Kaddour
Abdul Huk Rizvi
Abdul Ajoy
Abdul Shahabudeen
Abdul Hameed Awan
Abdul Khaliq Abdulla
Abdul Moeed Abid
Abdul Wadood Danwar
Abdul Rakib Kadiwala
Abdul Baseer Ahmed
Abdul Hakim Babar
Abdul Paulo
Abdul Latheef Np
Abdul Moiz Rawasia
Abdul Ghoofar
Abdul Manaf Manuz
Abdul Seun
Abdul Saleem Tirur
Abdul Hameed Km
Abdul Sami Shaikh
Abdul Quadir Idrisi
Abdul Samad Uqaili
Abdul Lateef Shahjahan
Abdul Majid Abdullah
Abdul Ghani Chehab
Abdul Amien
Abdul Mambo
Abdul Hafiz Idris
Abdul Qadir Patel
Abdul Sameer Mohamed
Abdul Kammoonah
Abdul Obrien
Abdul Haroon Khan
Abdul Hameed Badusha
Abdul Kateregga
Abdul Bakour
Abdul Kalokoh
Abdul Parman Khalik
Abdul Fatah Noori
Abdul Cameraman
Abdul Majid Sarwar
Abdul Faizee
Abdul Rasool Chandio
Abdul Abdulqudoos
Abdul Haleem Lakhiar
Abdul Rafur
Abdul Badruddin
Abdul Leman
Abdul Hamid Munshi
Abdul Mondul
Abdul Kamil
Abdul Wadud Chowdhury
Abdul Ahadh
Abdul Semiu
Abdul Amade
Abdul Chhipa
Abdul Waheed Zia
Abdul Rehman Karukapadath
Abdul Hirash
Abdul Edathil
Abdul Rauf Kehar
Abdul Hafeez Kalsekar
Abdul Askar Askar
Abdul Kadir Assegaf
Abdul Hok
Abdul Azeem Dosani
Abdul Nafeez
Abdul Sattarr
Abdul Elzoghbi
Abdul Majeed Khuraybeh
Abdul Dowou
Abdul Khaderrmohammed
Abdul Ghazi
Abdul Rasek
Abdul Andrews
Abdul Pandor
Abdul Basit Anwar
Abdul Sattar Pitafi
Abdul Khaja
Abdul Awaes
Abdul Tafhimi
Abdul Kholiq Mahmudi
Abdul Rahman Mukhayer
Abdul Dayyan
Abdul Jelil
Abdul Njai
Abdul Rasheed Md
Abdul Rahman Shakor
Abdul Shukor Hashim
Abdul Qadir Haideri
Abdul Rasheed Pookayil
Abdul Rahim Hashim
Abdul Kader Alyan
Abdul Malek Shahar
Abdul Mateen Khan
Abdul Rahim Arafeh
Abdul Majeed Chauhan
Abdul Qaiyum Khovt
Abdul Quadeer Ar
Abdul Razak Husin
Abdul Qadir Kanchwala
Abdul Rachman Sopamena
Abdul Azizi
Abdul Dar
Abdul Saleem Tadkod
Abdul Gafur Gladstone
Abdul Alexander
Abdul Hamidya
Abdul Kalib