Aleksandar - details and analysis   

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The word Aleksandar has a web popularity of 28000000 pages.


What means Aleksandar?

The meaning of Aleksandar is: Defending men

Aleksandar says: The name is of Serbian origin, nothing to do with UK at all, in UK it's Alexander

Web synthesis about this name:

...Aleksandar is also capable to get up in the jump shot directly from the full run what makes him very talented ofensive player.
Aleksandar is also a visiting professor in the post.
Aleksandar is addressing to the present professors and students in the amphitheater of the faculty of stomatology.
Aleksandar is a student in his first year of junior college for internal affairs in belgrade.
Aleksandar is employed as hardware and software systems engineer and programmer.
Aleksandar is a major of the british army who came to visit sfor troops.
Aleksandar is killed for his mistake with the hose of a vacuum cleaner.
Aleksandar is the perverted webmaster behind this site who has managed to lure in some decent looking babes with a classified ad in the paper.
Aleksandar is outsider in both britain and macedonia.
Aleksandar is the author of the famous desperado radio show.

What is the origin of name Aleksandar? Probably Serbia or UK.

Aleksandar spelled backwards is Radnaskela
This name has 10 letters: 4 vowels (40.00%) and 6 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Skaelnarda Anlakrades Knaadsalre Ksaerdalan Askeranlad Aseradlakn Enralakasd Anadalkers Raneldakas
Misspells: Sleksandar Aleksandat Alleksandar Aleksandal Aleksanda Alekandar Aleksandara Aelksandar Aleksandra Aleksanadr

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Aleksandar Ljumovic
Aleksandar Djukicin
Aleksandar Dimitrovski
Aleksandar Acevic
Aleksandar Ickovski
Aleksandar Rudic
Aleksandar Sajic
Aleksandar Nencev
Aleksandar Malesevic
Aleksandar Nankovski
Aleksandar Linta
Aleksandar Supica
Aleksandar Jovanovic
Aleksandar Ralic
Aleksandar Borkovac
Aleksandar Gujas
Aleksandar Antovski
Aleksandar Srebric
Aleksandar Srbljak
Aleksandar Matrakovski
Aleksandar Danev
Aleksandar Stancetic
Aleksandar Cober Maksimovic
Aleksandar Sijacic
Aleksandar Rustemovski
Aleksandar Kasa
Aleksandar Sazdoski
Aleksandar Gordanic
Aleksandar Coh
Aleksandar Buskovic
Aleksandar Kazandzhiev
Aleksandar Jordacevic
Aleksandar Ruzevic
Aleksandar Bukavac
Aleksandar Macanovic
Aleksandar Poznanic
Aleksandar Karanov
Aleksandar Stijakovic
Aleksandar Zlateski
Aleksandar Malovic
Aleksandar Jurisic
Aleksandar Nesovic
Aleksandar Minoski
Aleksandar Yanush
Aleksandar Knezevich
Aleksandar Krstevski Kpe
Aleksandar Rasevski
Aleksandar Aleksov
Aleksandar Brisevac
Aleksandar Curcin
Aleksandar Tanackovic
Aleksandar Mirceski
Aleksandar Sandev
Aleksandar Savovski
Aleksandar Gvozden
Aleksandar Davitkovski
Aleksandar Gusev
Aleksandar Smokovski
Aleksandar Joveski
Aleksandar Senicic
Aleksandar Vasiljevic
Aleksandar Manevski
Aleksandar Vezenkov
Aleksandar Budalic
Aleksandar Marsavelski
Aleksandar Oro
Aleksandar Jockovic
Aleksandar Trajkoski
Aleksandar Ratkushinoski
Aleksandar Sasha Panic
Aleksandar Krumov
Aleksandar Dragicevic
Aleksandar Bozhinovski
Aleksandar Ivanovic
Aleksandar Dumic
Aleksandar Cicovski
Aleksandar Tas
Aleksandar Vlajic
Aleksandar Romic
Aleksandar Belokapov
Aleksandar Dekanski
Aleksandar Hocevar
Aleksandar Taskov
Aleksandar Sunko
Aleksandar Keskinev
Aleksandar Kacarski
Aleksandar Shapkarov
Aleksandar Zivulovic
Aleksandar Zivkovic
Aleksandar Kritski
Aleksandar Mikan
Aleksandar Gladanac
Aleksandar Tisinovic
Aleksandar Gonovski
Aleksandar Gojsina
Aleksandar Ibric
Aleksandar Vasic
Aleksandar Avric
Aleksandar Zdjelar
Aleksandar Filipov
Aleksandar Antonovic
Aleksandar Plamenac
Aleksandar Dokuovski
Aleksandar Saveski
Aleksandar Mickov
Aleksandar Subota
Aleksandar Merdzic
Aleksandar Vodopija
Aleksandar Cabrilo
Aleksandar Sukalo
Aleksandar Dragovic
Aleksandar Spremo
Aleksandar Ovcharov
Aleksandar Mosurovic
Aleksandar S. Tatalovic
Aleksandar Tot
Aleksandar Svetski
Aleksandar Tabakovski
Aleksandar Bahtijarevic
Aleksandar Sekerinski
Aleksandar Karajovic
Aleksandar Davcevski
Aleksandar Palcevski
Aleksandar Peric
Aleksandar Popivoda
Aleksandar Andonovic
Aleksandar Kocevic
Aleksandar Beljic
Aleksandar Kovaceski
Aleksandar Marcetic
Aleksandar Damnjanovic
Aleksandar Mlinaric
Aleksandar Jandrijevic
Aleksandar Sazdovski
Aleksandar Savov
Aleksandar Penovski
Aleksandar Laban
Aleksandar Music
Aleksandar Martic
Aleksandar Vuksanovic
Aleksandar Kalajdzic
Aleksandar Bator
Aleksandar Ilic
Aleksandar Milovanovic
Aleksandar Nepoznato
Aleksandar Gjorgjevik
Aleksandar Dvorcanec
Aleksandar Kehm
Aleksandar Djurkovic
Aleksandar Michev
Aleksandar Carapic
Aleksandar Tsenov
Aleksandar Gjurceski
Aleksandar Tuta Bugarin
Aleksandar Ramovic
Aleksandar Perovic
Aleksandar Chako
Aleksandar Shtribets
Aleksandar Janicijevic
Aleksandar Najdovski
Aleksandar Yosifov
Aleksandar Penev
Aleksandar Biki
Aleksandar Cekov
Aleksandar Medakovic
Aleksandar Va
Aleksandar Tepavcevic
Aleksandar Toman
Aleksandar Bajatovski
Aleksandar Cankovic
Aleksandar Stanisic
Aleksandar Spirkovski
Aleksandar Slavov
Aleksandar Kijanovic
Aleksandar Zorbic
Aleksandar Jelicic