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The word Antonius has a web popularity of 18700000 pages.


What means Antonius?

The meaning of Antonius is: N/A

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...Antonius is over at the avc if you really care to know.
Antonius is off playing his complex games of cat and mouse it appears that he is less concerned with point scoring at council.
Antonius is overleden op dinsdag 18 oktober 1836 in leiden.
Antonius is een zorgcentrum dat volop in ontwikkeling is en beschikt over moderne voorzieningen.
Antonius is a specialised manufacturer for vessel heads.
Antonius is specialist manufacturer of vessel heads.
Antonius is an excellent model of what the rest of the world needs to see of our bahamas.
Antonius is particularly proud to have the opportunity to present his art to nelson mandela.
Antonius is continuing to move quickly on the back of government support particularly that of the zainal bakar camp.
Antonius is in ondertrouw gegaan nispen 16 okt 1756.

What is the origin of name Antonius? Probably Indonesia or France.

Antonius spelled backwards is Suinotna
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Isaontun Uansonti Usitonna Nitsunoa Tnausnio Ntonuisa Onitasnu Nuasinot Atounnis Atinuosn
Misspells: Sntonius Anttonius Antonyus Antoniu Antoniusa Atnonius Antonisu Antonuis

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