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The word Clementina has a web popularity of 9660000 pages.


What means Clementina?

The meaning of Clementina is: Clemency

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...Clementina is slender with a pleasing figure and a graceful bearing.
Clementina is owned and operated as a family concern by philip and david bidwell from their base at bidford.
Clementina is playing a vital role in improving the odds of survival for young women and children in nicaragua.
Clementina is a unique product the whole roasted hazlnut is buried in hazelnut nougat.
Clementina is a sublime country retreat offering peace and relaxation in a glorious setting.
Clementina is occasionally beaten up by her husband.
Clementina is easily and cheaply accessible in the biblioteca de autores cristianos.
Clementina is a little bit off the beaten path but really quite close to the rest of the action.
Clementina is a magnificent mansion in the countryside of lake bracciano situated in the heart of etruria.
Clementina is situated next to the new villa valencia.

What is the origin of name Clementina? Probably Italy or Chile.

Clementina spelled backwards is Anitnemelc
This name has 10 letters: 4 vowels (40.00%) and 6 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Icetlannem Encemnailt Ntaleminec Mlacenietn
Misspells: Clementins Cllementina Clementtina Clementyna Clementinaa Celmentina Clementian Clementnia

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