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The word Cristofer has a web popularity of 1840000 pages.


What means Cristofer?

The meaning of Cristofer is: carrying Christ

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...Cristofer is screen specific as he discusses the differences between the book and his adaptation of the.
Cristofer is responsible for pioneering brands such as urban flex.
Cristofer is rather dry and spends a little too much time on the facets of movie making that simply do not interest me.
Cristofer is talking about are characters sara olswang and michael penorisi.
Cristofer is one of my newest and bestest online friends.
Cristofer is more concerned with the history and production of the film rather than explaining what is.
Cristofer is talking a blue streak and is completely fixated on the tricycles.
Cristofer is more interested in ensuring regular play on cinemax late night in a couple months than to make a theatrical feature that might.
Cristofer is getting my microwave and a few other items.
Cristofer is the flashback technique of telling this story which weakens the surprises and more or less.

What is the origin of name Cristofer? Probably Brazil or Spain.

Cristofer spelled backwards is Refotsirc
This name has 9 letters: 3 vowels (33.33%) and 6 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Tfecriosr Rofecsirt Srorcifte
Misspells: Ctistofer Cristtofer Crystofer Clistofer Cistofer Critofer Cristofera Cirstofer Cristofre Cristoefr

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