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The word Damian has a web popularity of 101000000 pages.


What means Damian?

The meaning of Damian is: To Tame

Nwachukwu Dimkpa Damian says: The meaning of Damian really depends on who answers the name 'Damian' and his contributions to making the world and its economy seem as where at least a wise man has lived and lives. If I answer Damian as a name and was able to prove at my youth age that 'Good governance is the necessary precondition for good growth', I believe that as a defined Damian with my complete identity, that I began to rule the whole world even without being paid for the services I render to all classes of government of countries and of the world. For this reason, Damian is an inspired leader with destined and special divine charisma to bring positive changes for good growth and development, where ever he works, lives or is found.

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...Damian is obviously a very sick and twisted man to understand perl to such depths.
Damian is coming back to teach again and for three days this time.
Damian is enjoying the constant challenge of working at state forests full time.
Damian is a trained coach with a particularly interest in working with sports men and women.
Damian is a streetwise kid who introduces thomas to smoking and is better than him at just about everything but music.
Damian is now banned from future competition and instead has the.
Damian is currently employed at gannet services as a reel operator for the printing of newspapers.
Damian is the coordinator of assessment and evaluation for the halton district school board in burlington.
Damian is in charge of maintaining the dvd release schedule up to date.
Damian is the administration manager and is responsible for the day.

What is the origin of name Damian? Probably UK or Romania.

Damian spelled backwards is Naimad
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Danmai Nmadia Ainadm Amidan Mianda Nadiam Ndamai Nmiada Inaamd Nimdaa Danaim
Misspells: Dsmian Damyan Damiana Dmaian Damina Damain

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