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The word Filip has a web popularity of 70400000 pages.


What means Filip?

The meaning of Filip is: Lover of horses

Filip Meduna says: Filip is ancient Greek name( Fili hippos- Filipos- Filip... Father of Alexander the great was Flip The Second (of Macedonia) 382 bc

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...Filip is op 4 december 1999 met prinses mathilde getrouwd.
Filip is de oudste zoon van koning albert ii en koningin paola.
Filip is a telecommunications specialist for the bankruptcy division of trumbull.
Filip is the vicepresident of the ifac nmo and of the romanian society for automation and technical informatics.
Filip is tevens zeer begaan met het imago van ons land.
Filip is not only a member of the metropolitan tribe.
Filip is namelijk de peter van annelies in miss belgian beauty 2003.
Filip is soon torn between filming life as it is and constructing reality in ways both large and small.
Filip is very nose heavy i moved the two v tail servos to the enlarged area under the tail.
Filip is waiting for some response about that and he intents to make clanlib 0.

What is the origin of name Filip? Probably Romania or Russia.

Filip spelled backwards is Pilif
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Fipil Lpiif Lipif Lifip Ilfip Ilpif Plifi Ipifl Fliip Iplif Fpili Pifli
Misspells: Fillip Fylip Filipa Fliip Filpi Fiilp

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