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The word Franca has a web popularity of 207000000 pages.


What means Franca?

The meaning of Franca is: A Free Woman

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...Franca is in the national team posted by carlos on april 13.
Franca is so common that there is not a house where it is not in use.
Franca is of essential interest to creole studies for several reasons.
Franca is and how common languages can support the process.
Franca is one of mutual sharing and exchange in an intercultural context.
Franca is a registered and licensed dietitian and gourmet cook.
Franca is a privately owned school that began offering courses in french.
Franca is one of the most fascinating and dynamic centre in the province of taranto from which it is about 30 km.
Franca is now setting her sights on organizing the 2nd italian trail running championship with luciano milano on september 2.
Franca is pleased to offer a choice of italian resorts where vacationing is a form of art.

What is the origin of name Franca? Probably Italy or Brazil.

Franca spelled backwards is Acnarf
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Fraacn Rnacfa Ancafr Afcarn Rcaafn Ncaafr Rfaanc Narcaf Nfaarc Cnarfa Rnaafc Fracna
Misspells: Frsnca Ftanca Flanca Fanca Francaa Farnca Franac Fracna

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