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The word Hussein has a web popularity of 76200000 pages.


What means Hussein?

The meaning of Hussein is: Handsome One

naomi essamha says: Hussein is the twin brother of Hassan. They are the great-grand-children of the prophet oof islam Mohammed. Hassan died without having any children, therefore every family in the country named their new-born sons Hassan the year he died. That is why the name of Hassan is more spread than Hussein although they were twins.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Hussein is a happy man because of the help from his friend.
Hussein is the real puppeteer behind terrorism today.
Hussein is a power hungry dictator and tyrant who can not be trusted.
Hussein is being generous to palestinian families at least 500 palestinian.
Hussein is a happy man because of the help from his friend ken starr.
Hussein is not a goal for london topic iraq posted on 2002.
Hussein is a douchebag everyone knows saddam hussein is a nut.
Hussein is appointed director of cigarette restitution fund.
Hussein is much weaker today than a decade ago and that us air weaponry is more.
Hussein is laid to rest middle east correspondent jeremy bowen reports from amman on the emotional state funeral of king hussein.

What is the origin of name Hussein? Probably UK or Egypt.

Hussein spelled backwards is Niessuh
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Sesunhi Usniesh Sseinuh Inuhses Nheisus Sihesun Sesihnu Nuseihs Nihsuse Shusnie Nesuhsi
Misspells: Husseyn Husein Husseina Hsusein Husseni Hussien

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Hussein Dabaja
Hussein Chaer
Hussein Tleiss
Hussein Marhoon
Hussein M. Abkallo
Hussein El Kholy
Hussein Rajuli
Hussein Syifa
Hussein Ghanem
Hussein Elbakri
Hussein Mihyar
Hussein Redjili
Hussein Shukri
Hussein Jaffar
Hussein Ashwash
Hussein Alhilu
Hussein Husseintaki
Hussein Badakhchani
Hussein Kawal
Hussein Gamaliel
Hussein Nassar
Hussein Hirji
Hussein Mahamoud
Hussein Shaikh
Hussein Mahmoud Hussein
Hussein King
Hussein Rachid
Hussein Dao
Hussein Taybee
Hussein Alkendy
Hussein Ben Yousef
Hussein Hamdar Overseas
Hussein Berberoglu
Hussein Ba Agil
Hussein Kalakish
Hussein Mohamed