Jagdish - details and analysis   

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The word Jagdish has a web popularity of 10400000 pages.


What means Jagdish?

The meaning of Jagdish is: King of the world

Web synthesis about this name:

...Jagdish is a heart warming story of three brothers and the events that turn their life.
Jagdish is as giddying and utopian as family sagas in films go.
Jagdish is the first directorial venture of anupam kher.
Jagdish is still in college and the ladla of the family.
Jagdish is vice president of finance and ceo of msc management services.
Jagdish is found guilty of hacking college computer and stealing the examination papers.
Jagdish is found guilty of hacking college computer and robbing it of exam papers.
Jagdish is cuaght hacking into the college website and leaking question papers.
Jagdish is caught cheating by hacking into the college computer.
Jagdish is when a family comes back for more and more furniture in cane or changes their interiors totally that of.

What is the origin of name Jagdish? Probably UK or United Arab Emirates.

Jagdish spelled backwards is Hsidgaj
This name has 7 letters: 2 vowels (28.57%) and 5 consonants (71.43%).

Anagrams: Gdishaj Shajdig Hjisdag
Misspells: Jsgdish Jagdysh Jagdih Jagdisha Jgadish Jagdihs Jagdsih

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Jagdish Jagdish Jagdish Jagdish Jagdish

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Jagdish Panday
Jagdish Prasad Yadav
Jagdish Waghmare
Jagdish Anthony Antony
Jagdish Chaturvedi
Jagdish Baghel
Jagdish Shri
Jagdish Desai
Jagdish Buch
Jagdish Thakral
Jagdish Kumar Kaushik
Jagdish D. Patel
Jagdish Hirabhai Bedva
Jagdish Kate
Jagdish Chitroda
Jagdish Jagdishkhulbe
Jagdish Lakade
Jagdish Lomte
Jagdish Gussai
Jagdish Aurangabadkar
Jagdish Gundara
Jagdish Bhadaraka
Jagdish Venkitakrishnan
Jagdish Rampariya
Jagdish Shirsat
Jagdish Rachh
Jagdish Tarkas
Jagdish Chelaramani
Jagdish Vasudev
Jagdish Jetani
Jagdish Jeenger
Jagdish Darak
Jagdish Burde
Jagdish Gurbuxani
Jagdish Belsare
Jagdish Chandy
Jagdish Singh
Jagdish Jangid
Jagdish Nerva
Jagdish Kotecha
Jagdish Bolla
Jagdish Daral
Jagdish Jigjinni Jigjinni
Jagdish Miglani
Jagdish Kandikattu
Jagdish Tso
Jagdish Kumar Dhawan
Jagdish Dalal
Jagdish Nitian
Jagdish C. Mandla
Jagdish Menghani
Jagdish Chatha
Jagdish Midha
Jagdish Baraliya
Jagdish Singhal
Jagdish Keswani
Jagdish Dalavi
Jagdish Salgotra
Jagdish Gurjar
Jagdish Malap
Jagdish Virani
Jagdish Raut
Jagdish Factory
Jagdish Dholwani
Jagdish Urkude
Jagdish Rishiyur
Jagdish Pataiya
Jagdish Shivram
Jagdish Gandhi
Jagdish Thakare
Jagdish Majumdar
Jagdish Kherala
Jagdish Dhuri
Jagdish Peche
Jagdish Malguri
Jagdish Barhanpure
Jagdish Nandurkar
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Jagdish Vasa
Jagdish Patole
Jagdish Bhushan Steel
Jagdish Jagdish Dehariya
Jagdish Sarraf
Jagdish Tamore
Jagdish Bishtania
Jagdish Nagori
Jagdish Verma
Jagdish Dadlani
Jagdish Hunnolli
Jagdish Yeole
Jagdish Basniwal
Jagdish Visariya
Jagdish Basi
Jagdish Pratap Singh
Jagdish Babu
Jagdish Jagdish Pidiyar
Jagdish Ompal
Jagdish Jags Deshmukh
Jagdish Poojari
Jagdish Sharma
Jagdish Shigwan
Jagdish Pamwani
Jagdish Gholap
Jagdish Mohurle
Jagdish Sadarangani
Jagdish Sodavadiya
Jagdish Sakhiya
Jagdish Gajria
Jagdish Upadhyay
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Jagdish Vaghasia
Jagdish Naudiyal
Jagdish Gurav
Jagdish Kore
Jagdish Puri
Jagdish Suman
Jagdish Khatter
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Jagdish Yemulwar
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Jagdish Zanwar
Jagdish Tathe
Jagdish Damji Modha