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The word Jeevan has a web popularity of 18200000 pages.


What means Jeevan?
The meaning of Jeevan is unknown.

Mike McFarlane says: is the name Jeevan wholly MALE ? It would be helpful if your sytatistics included some advise as to whether the name is given to Men, Women or both

Web synthesis about this name:

...Jeevan is classically trained ayurvedic physician from kerala.
Jeevan is intelligent enough to realize that he is not a one.
Jeevan is a nonprofit organisation and is dependent on this income and donations for its function.
Jeevan is a newcomer and the heroine gazala is also new as far as tamil film industry is concerned.
Jeevan is undertaking will entail developing simple tests for monitoring produce in vietnam for pesticide residues.
Jeevan is in top form as the second in command at the sso turning in a vintage performance not long before his death.
Jeevan is the brand name for the lic and we respect intellectual property rights.
Jeevan is a very quiet student as he fears to talk or socialise with other students since he suffers from inferiority complex.
Jeevan is the pure java object oriented database designed to meet the needs of these wide ranging systems.
Jeevan is currently doing yeoman service in new zealand representing the sri lanka under 19 team.

What is the origin of name Jeevan? Probably UK or United Arab Emirates.

Jeevan spelled backwards is Naveej
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Jeneav Neajve Evnaje Enjeav Eevjan Evanje Nejvae Enejav Vaenje Nevaje Ejneva Vjenea Nvejea Avneje Evenja Jenave
Misspells: Jeevsn Jeewan Jeevana Jeevna Jeeavn

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Jeevan Sasi
Jeevan Ambati
Jeevan Kumar Chilukuri
Jeevan Deshmukh
Jeevan Chahal
Jeevan Kiran Pathuri
Jeevan Ramapriya
Jeevan Channe
Jeevan Gowda
Jeevan Pargaien
Jeevan Hendre
Jeevan Korra
Jeevan Dike
Jeevan Vakicherla
Jeevan Jyothi Manepalli
Jeevan Jyoti Malakar
Jeevan Reddy Rebala
Jeevan Mehra
Jeevan Jayathilake
Jeevan Raghuvanshi
Jeevan Wadhawa
Jeevan Kumar Boddula
Jeevan Mohan
Jeevan Kaur
Jeevan Pisal
Jeevan Brar
Jeevan Rajendran
Jeevan M. Kandulna
Jeevan Singh Deu
Jeevan Silva
Jeevan Borale
Jeevan Bale
Jeevan Punni
Jeevan Gosein
Jeevan Sharayu
Jeevan Vidhate
Jeevan Jeevanparayil
Jeevan Retnam