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The word Lavon has a web popularity of 5800000 pages.


What means Lavon?

The meaning of Lavon is: White

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...Lavon is located in collin county less than 5 miles.
Lavon is located in collin county less than 5 miles northeast of wylie.
Lavon is one of the original artist for over ten years who has worked and helped design the floats for the demopolis alabama christmas on the.
Lavon is part of the trinity project in the fort worth district of the us army corps of engineers.
Lavon is a good choice for anyone who lives in the north dallas area.
Lavon is on state highway 78 two miles east of lavon lake in southeastern collin county.
Lavon is the office manager and assists all salespeople.
Lavon is set by the texas parks and wildlife department.
Lavon is a former president of the atlanta broadcast advertising club and executive vice.
Lavon is currently director of sales and marketing for karmavision films and bacchus productions.

What is the origin of name Lavon? Probably Israel or France.

Lavon spelled backwards is Noval
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Lanov Vnoal Vanol Volan Avlon Ovnal Nvalo Onalv Lvoan Avnol Onval Nvola Lnova Nalvo
Misspells: Lsvon Llavon Lawon Lavona Lvaon Lavno Laovn

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