Marcel - details and analysis   

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The word Marcel has a web popularity of 190000000 pages.


What means Marcel?

The meaning of Marcel is: Warlike

Marcel says: In Portuguese Mar (Sea) + Céu (Sky) Seasky

Marcel says: In Portuguese Mar (Sea) + Céu (Sky) Seasky

Dirsus says: Last name from Germany. Prussian in origin

Marcel Kok says: Misspelled as Marchel

Web synthesis about this name:

...Marcel is having a fiesta and has invited some ladies over.
Marcel is the son of beverly and anthony ashford of detroit.
Marcel is intrigued by the sounds not knowing what awaits him.
Marcel is having a new progressive band called sun caged.
Marcel is currently in the studio working on the project for j.
Marcel is the boss and not the pigeons they have to do what is expected of them or they are out.
Marcel is a recognised specialist in the dutch venture capital market and is recommended in the quote venture capital guide.
Marcel is an all around nice guy who also happens to be a writer.
Marcel is making his own journey to adulthood through relationships with christophe and his family.
Marcel is a journalist of exceptional taste and broad knowledge in the arts who can bring our long.

What is the origin of name Marcel? Probably France or Romania.

Marcel spelled backwards is Lecram
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Malrec Lremca Aclemr Rcelma Lamcer Lmerac Claerm Eclamr Malecr
Misspells: Msrcel Matcel Marcell Malcel Macel Marcela Mracel Marcle Marecl

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