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The word Marianna has a web popularity of 40100000 pages.


What means Marianna?

The meaning of Marianna is: Combination of Maria and Anna

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...Marianna is board certified in gerontological nursing by the american nurses credentialing center and is a member of sigma theta tau.
Marianna is famous for its labyrinth of limestone caverns and its meandering rivers.
Marianna is director of the national chamber of telecommunications companies.
Marianna is situated near the center of cosmopolitan mykonos town.
Marianna is a retired photographer and lives in california.
Marianna is well known to naturists across north america as a tireless volunteer.
Marianna is a wonderful friend whom i admire as a poetess.
Marianna is also like ryoko was before kagato took over her.
Marianna is a young girl who longs to become a woman.
Marianna is typical of the historic county seats along the great river road.

What is the origin of name Marianna? Probably Russia or Italy.

Marianna spelled backwards is Annairam
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Ramniana Aninraam Namiarna Narnimaa Aanimnar Anranaim Ramnaani Mainnara Ariannam Aamranni Anmanair Mrinaana
Misspells: Msrianna Matianna Maryanna Malianna Maianna Mariannaa Mraianna Marianan

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Marianna De Leoni
Marianna Giudicianni
Marianna Rech
Marianna Nicholson
Marianna Kovitch
Marianna Carpi
Marianna Politopoulou
Marianna Kozok
Marianna Schokker
Marianna Dudashvili
Marianna Garejeva
Marianna Pinzi
Marianna Vis
Marianna Buonarota
Marianna Tatarinova
Marianna Rotundu
Marianna Amato
Marianna Watashe
Marianna Kara
Marianna Guarise
Marianna Demina
Marianna Carenini
Marianna Capasso
Marianna Frohlich
Marianna Milosavljevic