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What means Michael?

The meaning of Michael is: Who Is Like God?

Michael says: Actual Correct Definition of Michael is from the Ancient Greek translation from Hebrew meaning: "He who is like God."

ARealMichael says: This is not a Greek translation, but plain Hebrew, and as indicated it is a question, not a statement.

Anita Burgman says: Family name in the Netherlands

Vera Dirksen says: Zus van Ron Dirksen. nichtje van Michael Dirksen

Web synthesis about this name:

...Michael is god the father as taught by brigham young.
Michael is surprisingly cheerful after an uncomfortable landing.
Michael is a 38 year old man and former member of the.
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Michael is entitled to voice his views on tony blair.
Michael is a full member of the market research society.
Michael is suffering over human evolution before the time of his earthly activity.
Michael is the kind of guy some people love to hate.
Michael is excited to finally be combining his talents in the areas of dance.
Michael is currently receiving airplay domestically and internationally.

What is the origin of name Michael? Probably UK or France.

Michael spelled backwards is Leahcim
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Cahilme Icleahm Chaelim Elimhac Lmaehic Cemahil Hacemli Lihaemc Lemciha Hmiclea Lacimhe
Misspells: Michsel Michaell Mychael Michaela Mcihael Michale Micheal

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