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The word Narendra has a web popularity of 37100000 pages.


What means Narendra?

The meaning of Narendra is: Mighty man; lord of mankind; doctor

Web synthesis about this name:

...Narendra is the owner and partner of crossfires technologies.
Narendra is the director of the yale center for systems science.
Narendra is supposed to lead such a cloistered and shackled life under the harsh glare of his father that he ends up looking like some.
Narendra is an experienced software testing programmer with a diverse background including creating web services.
Narendra is a reputed lawyer and a popular columnist.
Narendra is the author of over 150 publications in systems theory.
Narendra is the son of former royal college cricketer dr.
Narendra is the brain behind the latest feature on wpaa web site.
Narendra is born for the upliftment of hundreds and thousands of people.
Narendra is a guyanese immigrant living in the east side of toronto canada.

What is the origin of name Narendra? Probably UK or United Arab Emirates.

Narendra spelled backwards is Ardneran
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Randearn Nderraan Rardenan Radrenan Adrarnen Nnerdara Nreardan Nrernada
Misspells: Nsrendra Natendra Nalendra Naendra Narendraa Nraendra Narendar Narenrda

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Narendra Gadiparthi
Narendra Rao Chintakrindi
Narendra Siddhu
Narendra Savant
Narendra Gelli
Narendra Nadendla
Narendra Tuwar
Narendra Ahirwar
Narendra Suryanarayana
Narendra Thatte
Narendra Narendrabajpai
Narendra Singh Rajpoot
Narendra Kamerkar
Narendra Varsadia
Narendra Senapathi
Narendra Kumar Taneja
Narendra Zinjad
Narendra Kate
Narendra Kumar Ambati
Narendra Javare
Narendra Subramanian
Narendra Samota
Narendra Mohan Choudhary
Narendra Karkera
Narendra Sir
Narendra Koppalli
Narendra Karumuri
Narendra Pinto
Narendra Dabi
Narendra Panjwani
Narendra Bhuva
Narendra Nagarkoti
Narendra Viyogi
Narendra Damar
Narendra Bharani
Narendra Koradiya
Narendra Punch
Narendra Sah
Narendra Tummalapalli
Narendra Mayakuntla
Narendra Alkutkar
Narendra Howal
Narendra Bolaki
Narendra Khamkar
Narendra Jijaji
Narendra Gadhavi