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The word Nebuchadnezzar has a web popularity of 3,270,000 pages.


What means Nebuchadnezzar?
The meaning of Nebuchadnezzar is unknown.

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...Nebuchadnezzar is actually presented as the instrument of god by jeremiah and ezekiel.
Nebuchadnezzar is mystically identical with king assuerus.
Nebuchadnezzar is famous as the king that threw shadrach.
Nebuchadnezzar is best known to students of the bible for his defeat of the southern kingdom of judah.
Nebuchadnezzar is told he will lose his mind and live like a wild animal in the great out.
Nebuchadnezzar is known for the elaborate pagan temples he built in babylon.
Nebuchadnezzar is credited with many great accomplishments.
Nebuchadnezzar is the most prominent and the most important.
Nebuchadnezzar is pictured as king of the assyrians in judith 1.
Nebuchadnezzar is shown as a man who flies into fits of rage quickly.

What is the origin of name Nebuchadnezzar? Probably Philippines or Russia.

Nebuchadnezzar spelled backwards is Razzendahcuben
This name has 14 letters: 5 vowels (35.71%) and 9 consonants (64.29%).

Misspells: Nebuchsdnezzar Nebuchadnezzat Nebuchadnezzal Nebuchadnezza Nebuchadnezzara Nbeuchadnezzar Nebuchadnezzra Nebuchadnezazr

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