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The word Norma has a web popularity of 226000000 pages.


What means Norma?

The meaning of Norma is: Pattern

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...Norma is able to get out and about and she is in the process of walking but her legs are quite sore at the moment.
Norma is a quite small constellation of the southern hemisphere belonging to the la caille constellation family.
Norma is het mogelijk om alle gegevens die een specialist genereert of nodig heeft op te slaan en te beheren.
Norma is one of the early leaders in educational computing in brazil and her work is now global in scope.
Norma is another of those relatively insignificant constellations in the southern hemisphere.
Norma is in her third year as a graduate student in the clinical psychology program at the university of rhode island.
Norma is an rn and has the experience of working with many families in crisis.
Norma is another one of the constellations invented by by abbe nicholas louis de lacaille who mapped the stars of the southern.
Norma is a blue speckle with red legs and lower part of her face.
Norma is regarded as a perfect example of a bel canto opera.

What is the origin of name Norma? Probably UK or Italy.

Norma spelled backwards is Amron
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Noamr Ramon Roamn Mraon Nramo Aronm Maonr Moarn Oramn Maron Namro
Misspells: Norms Notma Nolma Noma Normaa Nroma Noram Nomra

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