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The word Prashik has a web popularity of 93200 pages.


What means Prashik?
The meaning of Prashik is unknown.

Prashik says: Prshik( प्रशिक ) is marathi /hindi name became short form of प्रज्ञा शिल करुणा which is Siddhartha Goutam Buddha's message to all humans in the World for Way of life who is the founder of Religion BAUDHA which follows 26 Countries in the whole world.

What is the origin of name Prashik? Probably Poland.

Prashik spelled backwards is Kihsarp
This name has 7 letters: 2 vowels (28.57%) and 5 consonants (71.43%).

Anagrams: Hsikpar
Misspells: Prsshik Ptashik Prashyk Plashik Pashik Prahik Prashika Parshik Prashki Prasihk

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Prashik Prashik Prashik Prashik Prashik
Prashik Prashik Prashik Prashik Prashik

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