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The word Pratibha has a web popularity of 8830000 pages.


What means Pratibha?

The meaning of Pratibha is: Light; image; intelligence; audacity

anilkalra says: Not live without you (mnu)pratibha kalra

Web synthesis about this name:

...Pratibha is a board member of women in film and television.
Pratibha is said to make her debut in bollywood as a director.
Pratibha is two years younger to me and gaurav is some six years younger to me.
Pratibha is in charge of the family planning unit at government maternity hospital.
Pratibha is a journalist with immense interest in astronomy.
Pratibha is getting featured in the glamorous page three of major dailies.
Pratibha is from taiwan and takes care of the garden.
Pratibha is expecting and maaji supervises her diet.
Pratibha is the daughter of the veteran actress mala sinha and.
Pratibha is a family services specialist working for the state of new jersey and is also a licensed marriage and family therapist.

What is the origin of name Pratibha? Probably UK or United Arab Emirates.

Pratibha spelled backwards is Ahbitarp
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Baptiahr Hpiatrab Habatirp Rbaahitp Tibaparh Pathirba
Misspells: Prstibha Ptatibha Prattibha Pratybha Platibha Patibha Pratibhaa Partibha Pratibah Pratihba

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Pratibha Pratibha Pratibha Pratibha Pratibha

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Pratibha Shukla
Pratibha Dehradun
Pratibha Ranka
Pratibha Nishad
Pratibha Avasthi
Pratibha Katal
Pratibha Sodhi
Pratibha Panchal
Pratibha Rathi
Pratibha Mohnot
Pratibha Uday
Pratibha Pahuja
Pratibha Hebbar
Pratibha Shahane
Pratibha Dalal
Pratibha Mudliar
Pratibha Harwalkar
Pratibha Lalwani
Pratibha Bankar
Pratibha Unnithan
Pratibha Gaikwad
Pratibha Poredi
Pratibha Mohite
Pratibha Prasad
Pratibha Tibrewal
Pratibha Randev
Pratibha Ambure
Pratibha Pishawikar
Pratibha Kukreti
Pratibha Ashok
Pratibha Mittal
Pratibha Mehta
Pratibha Jaiswal
Pratibha Kulshrestha
Pratibha Mate
Pratibha Sardana
Pratibha Rai
Pratibha Nalgune
Pratibha Dutta
Pratibha Ghose
Pratibha Bhati
Pratibha Messner
Pratibha Jain Shah
Pratibha Chadda
Pratibha Advani
Pratibha Kamaji
Pratibha Diwedi
Pratibha Harkuni
Pratibha Jasani
Pratibha Rijesh
Pratibha Ghai
Pratibha Katasani
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Pratibha Awaty
Pratibha Site
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Pratibha Bist
Pratibha Maloo
Pratibha Raithatha
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Pratibha Chaudhari
Pratibha Ramgirwar
Pratibha Bhatia
Pratibha Jadhav
Pratibha Jakabal
Pratibha Bahulkar
Pratibha Telukunta
Pratibha Bangalore
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Pratibha Lakshmanan
Pratibha Upadhyay
Pratibha Suri
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Pratibha Chanran
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Pratibha Very
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Pratibha Bhalla
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Pratibha Gade
Pratibha Arya
Pratibha Reshmi
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Pratibha Sawai
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