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The word Roselle has a web popularity of 18400000 pages.


What means Roselle?

The meaning of Roselle is: Rose

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...Roselle is a steering committee of roselle volunteers that has formed a partnership with the roselle.
Roselle is located in the eastern portion of union county.
Roselle is an annual plant normally propagated from seed but may be propagated from cuttings as well.
Roselle is a northwestern suburb of chicago and is home to 23.
Roselle is the only new crop introduced in the southern united states as a pulp source that shows a high level of resistance to nematodes.
Roselle is an herbaceous medicinal plant grown in the tropics.
Roselle is back roselle nava is back with a new album.
Roselle is among approximately seven school districts in union county to do so.
Roselle is a popular community conveniently located 20 miles northwest of the chicago loop.
Roselle is currently looking for quality people to fill the following positions.

What is the origin of name Roselle? Probably France or Philippines.

Roselle spelled backwards is Ellesor
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Oresell Oleselr Oseller Selleor Leorels Loesrel Serolel Lelerso Osleerl Erosell Elsorel
Misspells: Toselle Rosellle Loselle Oselle Roelle Rosellea Rsoelle Roselel

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