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The word Sajjad has a web popularity of 10300000 pages.


What means Sajjad?

The meaning of Sajjad is: Worshipper of Allah.

Sajjad says: Sadddad, the legend says, created a heaven on earth. The envious God however took his life before he could step inside, and took the heaven as well.

Sajjad Imanzadeh says: It's my name.

Web synthesis about this name:

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What is the origin of name Sajjad? Probably Pakistan or UK.

Sajjad spelled backwards is Dajjas
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Sadjaj Djasja Ajdasj Jjadsa Dasjaj Dsajaj Jdaajs Sadajj
Misspells: Ssjjad Ajjad Sajjada Sjajad Sajjda Sajajd

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Sajjad Sajjad Sajjad Sajjad Sajjad

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Sajjad Noor
Sajjad Aamir
Sajjad Safri
Sajjad Pervez
Sajjad Khan
Sajjad Ahmed Qazi
Sajjad Karimi
Sajjad Mashwani
Sajjad Ali Katper
Sajjad Hosseini
Sajjad Waraich
Sajjad Tanoli
Sajjad Imanzadeh
Sajjad Kazi
Sajjad Hyder
Sajjad Mastoi
Sajjad Yousuf
Sajjad Aslam
Sajjad Basiri
Sajjad Pv
Sajjad Foodco Hameed
Sajjad Bouzari
Sajjad Shaban
Sajjad Kantrikar
Sajjad Siddiqi
Sajjad Chaudhry
Sajjad Mughal
Sajjad Bhanji
Sajjad Merchant
Sajjad Qaisar
Sajjad Work
Sajjad Sarikhan
Sajjad Farishta
Sajjad Sadeed
Sajjad Hasanzadeh
Sajjad Roubali
Sajjad Ali Sajan
Sajjad Zafar
Sajjad Rana
Sajjad Yunus
Sajjad Nazi
Sajjad Ifthkar
Sajjad Ahmar
Sajjad Balghari
Sajjad Zare
Sajjad Malakooti
Sajjad Qazi
Sajjad Ahmed Warraich
Sajjad Magsi
Sajjad Jafry
Sajjad Hunerker
Sajjad Hassan
Sajjad Moughal
Sajjad Sartipi
Sajjad Ullah Rcdo
Sajjad Alji
Sajjad Roudbari
Sajjad Montazeri
Sajjad Captain
Sajjad Saiyal
Sajjad Sadaf
Sajjad Quader
Sajjad Ansar
Sajjad Haroon
Sajjad Bhimani
Sajjad Arefin
Sajjad Kadiri
Sajjad Bappy
Sajjad Ahmed Talpur
Sajjad Hashmi
Sajjad Hussain Chauhdary
Sajjad Imam
Sajjad Afzal
Sajjad Warraich
Sajjad Tahir
Sajjad Ali Chandwani
Sajjad Aiou
Sajjad Bank
Sajjad Jaffri
Sajjad Maqsood
Sajjad Raza Kamadia
Sajjad Janjua
Sajjad Petkar
Sajjad Azarmi
Sajjad Quadri
Sajjad Askarzadeh
Sajjad Jafri
Sajjad Imani
Sajjad Husain
Sajjad Saib
Sajjad Ali Ali
Sajjad Afridi
Sajjad Wajja
Sajjad Computerasistan
Sajjad Maniar
Sajjad Firfiray
Sajjad Azeem
Sajjad Fakhri
Sajjad Malik
Sajjad Ahmed Cheema
Sajjad Saqib
Sajjad Vahidi
Sajjad Husain Leather
Sajjad Bakhishi
Sajjad Razaq
Sajjad Khan Niazi
Sajjad Hadar
Sajjad Baqar
Sajjad Noorani
Sajjad Ahamad
Sajjad Purvez
Sajjad Hasan
Sajjad Mehdi Syed
Sajjad Mehmood
Sajjad Mukhi
Sajjad Bhatti Bhatti
Sajjad Atta
Sajjad Bawa
Sajjad Ghauri
Sajjad Hussaini
Sajjad Hussain Kayani
Sajjad Dall
Sajjad Pagarkar
Sajjad Salik
Sajjad Samad Motlagh
Sajjad Hussain Khoso
Sajjad Abbasi
Sajjad Khaliq Muggo
Sajjad Chevelwalla
Sajjad Ghani
Sajjad Zaffar
Sajjad Nikoo
Sajjad Nawaz Gondal
Sajjad Hussain Cheema
Sajjad Haidar
Sajjad Ahmad Rafiq
Sajjad Soomro Zahid
Sajjad Naseri
Sajjad Abdulsalam
Sajjad Shah Norway
Sajjad Hussain Mahar
Sajjad Ali Mushtaq
Sajjad Jan
Sajjad Sahib
Sajjad Arshad
Sajjad Solangi
Sajjad Warid