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The word Shahzad has a web popularity of 10400000 pages.


What means Shahzad?

The meaning of Shahzad is: Prince

Web synthesis about this name:

...Shahzad is known for his late nights and early mornings.
Shahzad is vol lof over de huidige regering van president musharraf.
Shahzad is a good addition to the pakistani music scene.
Shahzad is the chairman of all pakistan motor dealers association.
Shahzad is in the process of establishing the firstever industry.
Shahzad is a name well known in the fashion circle of pakistan.
Shahzad is correspondence student of texas tech university.
Shahzad is synonymous with any thing good about fashion.
Shahzad is working free lance and trying to establish his own firm universal engineering associates.
Shahzad is an artist based out of chicago and he recently released his first solo album titled aghaaz.

What is the origin of name Shahzad? Probably Pakistan or UK.

Shahzad spelled backwards is Dazhahs
This name has 7 letters: 2 vowels (28.57%) and 5 consonants (71.43%).

Anagrams: Zhadsah
Misspells: Shshzad Hahzad Shahzada Sahhzad Shahzda Shahazd

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Shahzad Sohail Hameed
Shahzad Muh
Shahzad Ruhi
Shahzad Hamid
Shahzad Barkati
Shahzad Siwan
Shahzad Waseem
Shahzad Khurrum
Shahzad Mohseen
Shahzad Alirao
Shahzad Hodiwalla
Shahzad Abid
Shahzad Shahzadmalik
Shahzad Hussain Pmp
Shahzad Alikhan
Shahzad Yousaf
Shahzad Moosani
Shahzad Ahmed Butt
Shahzad Kanwal
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Shahzad Zubairi
Shahzad Ali Zaidi
Shahzad Ahamd
Shahzad Karam
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Shahzad Doger
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Shahzad Mufaizuddin
Shahzad Rizwan
Shahzad Akram Akram
Shahzad Kirmani
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Shahzad Sardar
Shahzad Rahamatullah
Shahzad Arbi
Shahzad Zaffar
Shahzad Shakeel
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Shahzad Batoor
Shahzad Ullah
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