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The word Shanmugam has a web popularity of 5160000 pages.


What means Shanmugam?

The meaning of Shanmugam is: name of god murugan who is having six faces shan means shiny & mugam means face

Web synthesis about this name:

...Shanmugam is on the active staff of mercy medical center and aultman hospital in the department of medicine.
Shanmugam is currently with the department of civil engineering.
Shanmugam is very badly hurt and tests in the hospital reveal that he has only a few days to leave.
Shanmugam is eyeing the tirunallar constituency inside tamil nadu.
Shanmugam is looking forward to closing this gap through strategic collaborative linkages with the government and the islamic banking and finance industry.
Shanmugam is cited as a leading litigator in numerous publications.
Shanmugam is essential for ensuring the survival of the pondicherry ministry.
Shanmugam is reported to have made his confession on the very day of his arrest on 17th july 1991.
Shanmugam is a fellow of the chartered institute of arbitrators as well as the singapore institute of arbitrators.
Shanmugam is on the right track when he says there has to be greater male involvement in planned parenthood.

What is the origin of name Shanmugam? Probably Malaysia or UK.

Shanmugam spelled backwards is Magumnahs
This name has 9 letters: 3 vowels (33.33%) and 6 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Mgasmaunh Mugasnahm Nmuhsagma
Misspells: Shsnmugam Hanmugam Shanmugama Sahnmugam Shanmugma Shanmuagm

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Shanmugam Shanmugam Shanmugam Shanmugam Shanmugam

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Shanmugam Chinnappa Gounder
Shanmugam Ram
Shanmugam Arumugam
Shanmugam Balasugunthan
Shanmugam Gk
Shanmugam Saaj
Shanmugam Sun
Shanmugam Kanthi
Shanmugam Perianayagam
Shanmugam Seerangan
Shanmugam Ravichandar
Shanmugam Ambalavanan
Shanmugam Pasupathy
Shanmugam Sathish
Shanmugam Palaniappan
Shanmugam Rajaganapathi
Shanmugam Mogan
Shanmugam Suresh Babu
Shanmugam Ramamurthy
Shanmugam Senthilmurugan
Shanmugam Audiapatham
Shanmugam Uthayakumar
Shanmugam Karpagavinayaga
Shanmugam Palani
Shanmugam Murugan
Shanmugam Mathiazhagan
Shanmugam Ramesh
Shanmugam Thiyagu
Shanmugam Kulandavel
Shanmugam Arul
Shanmugam Agamur
Shanmugam Subu
Shanmugam Nagaraja
Shanmugam Yalapalli
Shanmugam Nagarajan
Shanmugam Sakthivel
Shanmugam Poongan
Shanmugam Sudalaimuthu
Shanmugam Sambanthan
Shanmugam Arulanantham
Shanmugam Ramasamy
Shanmugam Senthilnathan
Shanmugam Mariyappan
Shanmugam Valasubramanian
Shanmugam Murugesh
Shanmugam Palaniyandi
Shanmugam Kasa
Shanmugam Bu
Shanmugam Kailasam
Shanmugam Am
Shanmugam Selvam
Shanmugam Lingeswaran
Shanmugam Nara
Shanmugam Paramasivan
Shanmugam Chinnadurai
Shanmugam Changkran
Shanmugam Duraisamy
Shanmugam Ravi
Shanmugam Balaji
Shanmugam Parthasarathy
Shanmugam Kalyanasundaram
Shanmugam Ashok
Shanmugam Ambalam
Shanmugam Selvadurai
Shanmugam Sugumaran Sugumaran
Shanmugam Nehru