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The word Shyam has a web popularity of 25200000 pages.


What means Shyam?

The meaning of Shyam is: Black, dark; beautiful

Hannah says: Shyam is a cat in Malaysia that likes to eat a melon.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Shyam is the inspiration for and the creative spirit of this site.
Shyam is going to recover his 25 crore investment on the film.
Shyam is planning to release this film in the end of july 2000.
Shyam is an enlightened being who has attained the perfection of the vision of oneness.
Shyam is heavily into debt and must compete for the bank job with anuradha panikar.
Shyam is 15 years old and comes from a village in rajasthan.
Shyam is a name of krishna that refers to his dark color.
Shyam is the largest shareholder cellular service under.
Shyam is also an active alumnus of the wharton school.
Shyam is 18 months younger to him and priyanka is 2 years younger to shyam.

What is the origin of name Shyam? Probably UK or United Arab Emirates.

Shyam spelled backwards is Mayhs
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Haysm Ymahs Yhmas Hysam Symah Myhsa Asymh Ahmys Syahm Hymas Amyhs Myash Smayh
Misspells: Shysm Shiam Hyam Shyama Syham Shyma Shaym

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Shyam Shyam Shyam Shyam Shyam

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Shyam Panjwani
Shyam Kadari
Shyam Ramauli
Shyam Ramamoorthy
Shyam Niranjan
Shyam Bhuse
Shyam Khemani
Shyam Manohar Varre
Shyam Nadange
Shyam Umap
Shyam Kende
Shyam Tushir
Shyam Kumar Puppala
Shyam Sundar Pal
Shyam Sundar Das
Shyam Kaware
Shyam Velumani
Shyam Fafat
Shyam N. Sasidharan
Shyam Shivkumar
Shyam Pepiya
Shyam Dubey
Shyam Ellur
Shyam Sawasal
Shyam Nand Jha
Shyam Vir
Shyam Sunder Pattanaik
Shyam Borah
Shyam Tummanapalli
Shyam Sunder Kasat
Shyam Darak
Shyam Sunder Vashisht
Shyam Megha
Shyam Dhaware
Shyam Sunder Guda
Shyam Khodke
Shyam Deval
Shyam Bharati
Shyam Vinjamuri
Shyam Majithia
Shyam Lakhawat
Shyam Sundar Satpathy
Shyam Kandi
Shyam Singh Singh
Shyam Thyagaraj
Shyam Choithani
Shyam Balabhadrapatru
Shyam Mohata
Shyam Ruhela
Shyam Mysore
Shyam Mahto
Shyam Mourya
Shyam Vibhute
Shyam Kotwal
Shyam Nadargul
Shyam Vijayvergiya
Shyam Vaddepally
Shyam Balana
Shyam Raj Prasad
Shyam Kondru
Shyam Calidas
Shyam Jaidhara
Shyam Pansari Pansari
Shyam Ch
Shyam Kumar Tholupuluri
Shyam Vachani