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The word Stanislas has a web popularity of 11600000 pages.


What means Stanislas?

The meaning of Stanislas is: Famous for his stead-fast character

Web synthesis about this name:

...Stanislas is linked to the cold war period of modern history and the late polish government.
Stanislas is one of the popular saints of poland and many religious institutions have chosen him as the protector of their novitiates.
Stanislas is a little bear of not a little significance.
Stanislas is transformed into a magical place of light and sound.
Stanislas is located on a quiet street near the luxembourg gardens and monparnasse tower and within walking distance to the classroom.
Stanislas is named after a polish saints of the same name.
Stanislas is a lifelong student of the living tradition of alchemy.
Stanislas is one of the most popular saints in poland today.
Stanislas is responsible for ensuring that the standing of the order remains at the higest level within the chivalric.
Stanislas is located in a quiet street near the luxembourg garden.

What is the origin of name Stanislas? Probably France or UK.

Stanislas spelled backwards is Salsinats
This name has 9 letters: 3 vowels (33.33%) and 6 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Tnaslisas Talsinsas Lsinsasat Salasnits Nsassatil
Misspells: Stsnislas Stanisllas Sttanislas Stanyslas Tanislas Stanislasa Satnislas Stanislsa Stanisals

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Stanislas Bley Kouadio
Stanislas Bonkoungo
Stanislas Witold
Stanislas Daubard
Stanislas Houel
Stanislas Arpic
Stanislas Berthe
Stanislas Homo
Stanislas Koska
Stanislas Dop
Stanislas Fougerousse
Stanislas Allouche
Stanislas De Nadaillac
Stanislas Paillereau
Stanislas Olenski
Stanislas De Crevoisier
Stanislas Davy
Stanislas Yangandi
Stanislas Michaux
Stanislas Georges
Stanislas Donneaud
Stanislas Rotman
Stanislas Fougeron