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The word Sylvestre has a web popularity of 11300000 pages.


What means Sylvestre?

The meaning of Sylvestre is: A forest

Lauren sylvestre says: Hi I'm from Canada and America

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...Sylvestre is an indian herb that has been around for hundreds of years.
Sylvestre is a woody climbing plant that grows in the tropical forests of central and southern india.
Sylvestre is determined to find you the most effective alternative products to health and well being.
Sylvestre is a fourth year bachelor of education student at the university of saskatoon.
Sylvestre is used today all over india for treating diabetes mellitus.
Sylvestre is the only substance that both suppresses the elevation of blood sugar and helps regenerate pancreatic cells in.
Sylvestre is effective in suppressing the taste of sugar and blocking sugar absorption during digestion.
Sylvestre is native to the tropical regions of india.
Sylvestre is an herb from the ayurvedic tradition in india.
Sylvestre is an indian herb recognized for centuries.

What is the origin of name Sylvestre? Probably France or Brazil.

Sylvestre spelled backwards is Ertsevlys
This name has 9 letters: 3 vowels (33.33%) and 6 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Ssyteverl
Misspells: Sylvestte Syllvestre Sylvesttre Silvestre Sylwestre Sylvestle Sylveste Ylvestre Sylvestrea Slyvestre Sylvester Sylvesrte

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