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The word Sylvie has a web popularity of 61600000 pages.


What means Sylvie?

The meaning of Sylvie is: Belonging To The Forest

Sylvie says: The name Sylvie comes from the ancient Latin (Italie) name "Sylvae". This means guardian of the forest/forest nymph

Web synthesis about this name:

...Sylvie is a member of a family whose women are all over.
Sylvie is a likable though confused character and her confusion manifests itself in her life in a very real way.
Sylvie is also an excellent actress and every performance is exciting.
Sylvie is also a member of the committee of concerned journalists and the newspaper association of america.
Sylvie is lucky and can walk with her father in the country.
Sylvie is a successful therapist and workshop facilitator who has worked with children.
Sylvie is a native of the famous northern mining town of sudbury and did her undergraduate degree at laurentian university in that city.
Sylvie is all dressed and ready for a tea party with her teddy bears.
Sylvie is still too young to wear a helmet over her bright red hair.
Sylvie is the author of the acclaimed biography of serge gainsbourg.

What is the origin of name Sylvie? Probably France or Belgium.

Sylvie spelled backwards is Eivlys
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Syeliv Elisvy Yveisl Lesyiv Lviesy Eysvil Esliyv Esilyv Yilesv Yelsiv Vilesy Elvisy Yselvi Iveysl Yvlesi
Misspells: Syllvie Sylvye Silvie Sylwie Ylvie Sylviea Slyvie Sylvei Sylive

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Sylvie Durando
Sylvie Eymard
Sylvie Filiou
Sylvie Lelu
Sylvie Habib
Sylvie Sachdeva
Sylvie Brognard
Sylvie Moyen
Sylvie Locatelli
Sylvie Bosevski
Sylvie Roosen
Sylvie Glevarec
Sylvie Renaudot
Sylvie Baruzzi
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