Unnikrishnan - details and analysis   

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The word Unnikrishnan has a web popularity of 4310000 pages.


What means Unnikrishnan?
The meaning of Unnikrishnan is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Unnikrishnan is also a graduate from kalakshetra and has undergone training in other classical dance forms as kuchipudi and mohiniattam.
Unnikrishnan is here to direct the akanksha theatre project set to hit the stage in february 2003.
Unnikrishnan is a fan of singer jesudas the man who sings both carnatic.
Unnikrishnan is one of the most promising young carnatic vocalists.
Unnikrishnan is said to have confessed his spying activities.
Unnikrishnan is working in cochin shipyard and my mother is a teacher in bharathiya vidya bhavan.
Unnikrishnan is the secretary of the staff association.
Unnikrishnan is my favorite carnatic singer among the contemporaries.
Unnikrishnan is interested in preparing a materia medica for payyanur through a survey of herbal and non.
Unnikrishnan is looking forward to its developing relationship with fachhochschule karlsruhe.

What is the origin of name Unnikrishnan? Probably United Arab Emirates or UK.

Unnikrishnan spelled backwards is Nanhsirkinnu
This name has 12 letters: 4 vowels (33.33%) and 8 consonants (66.67%).

Misspells: Unnikrishnsn Unniktishnan Unnykrishnan Unniklishnan Unnikishnan Unnikrihnan Unnikrishnana Unnikrishnna Unnikrishann

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Unnikrishnan Unnikrishnan Unnikrishnan Unnikrishnan Unnikrishnan
Unnikrishnan Unnikrishnan Unnikrishnan Unnikrishnan Unnikrishnan

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