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The word Vikram has a web popularity of 31400000 pages.


What means Vikram?

The meaning of Vikram is: Stride; strong

Web synthesis about this name:

...Vikram is doing good and he is really fantastic actor who is.
Vikram is still not a star leaving ample scope for experimentations.
Vikram is put into situations where he has no authority but takes it as his responsibility to wipe out the anti.
Vikram is a poor blind guy who lives his life by singing in streets and he hardly makes any money to keep his family running.
Vikram is a local rowdy and who is a big guy in that area.
Vikram is rushed to their medical area while the ship monitors his vital signs.
Vikram is responsible for ensuring smooth functioning of all back.
Vikram is the champ in hong kong junior squash open.
Vikram is justifiably happy with the manner in which the monologue has come across and the praise it has received from all sections.
Vikram is currently an assistant professor in the department of general surgery at sri.

What is the origin of name Vikram? Probably UK or United Arab Emirates.

Vikram spelled backwards is Markiv
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Vimkar Mkavri Irmavk Kramvi Mivrak Mvakir Rmiakv Armivk Vimark
Misspells: Vikrsm Viktam Vykram Wikram Viklam Vikam Vikrama Vkiram Vikrma Vikarm

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Vikram Vikram Vikram Vikram Vikram

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Vikram Trehan
Vikram Sir
Vikram Thaduri
Vikram Thomas
Vikram Londhe
Vikram Karthikeya
Vikram Nagrath
Vikram Chinta
Vikram Kakapuri
Vikram Thodeti
Vikram Senapati
Vikram Wandeshkar
Vikram Vadher
Vikram India
Vikram Linga
Vikram S Malik
Vikram Bharti
Vikram Wadate
Vikram Bole
Vikram Sudarsan
Vikram Baraiya
Vikram Kumar
Vikram Sagi
Vikram Gururaj
Vikram Kumar Saathiri
Vikram Ghatage
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