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The word Vittorio has a web popularity of 67100000 pages.


What means Vittorio?

The meaning of Vittorio is: Victor

Web synthesis about this name:

...Vittorio is written in a completely different format from the other chronicles in that it is a novel within itself and not a description of the same lifetime.
Vittorio is a romance that takes place outside of the standard vampire chronicles.
Vittorio is a new romance that takes place outside of the standard vampire chronicles.
Vittorio is in many ways my romeo and juliet of the vampires.
Vittorio is a youth growing up in renaissance italy.
Vittorio is still a great tale written with just the right.
Vittorio is uniek met de productie van sportieve tandems.
Vittorio is spared by a beautiful vampire named ursula.
Vittorio is the angelic beauty and muse of a painter filippo.
Vittorio is one of the most talented young composers of his generation.

What is the origin of name Vittorio? Probably Italy or UK.

Vittorio spelled backwards is Oirottiv
This name has 8 letters: 4 vowels (50.00%) and 4 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Ortitiov Rovtotii Ivootitr Tivrooti Votiroti Ottiirov Ritivtoo Iovtoirt Oivoritt
Misspells: Vittotio Vitttorio Vyttorio Wittorio Vittolio Vittoio Vittorioa Vtitorio Vittoroi Vittoiro

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Vittorio Rossini
Vittorio Sanllorente
Vittorio Marchetto
Vittorio Neuroni
Vittorio Mirabile
Vittorio Polatti
Vittorio Mapelli
Vittorio Maglioli
Vittorio Ottanelli
Vittorio Vittorio Corbellini
Vittorio Carta
Vittorio Vitto Mazzoni
Vittorio Meola
Vittorio Novi
Vittorio Bonetta
Vittorio Lioncino
Vittorio Morreale
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