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The word Viviane has a web popularity of 32400000 pages.


What means Viviane?

The meaning of Viviane is: The Lady Of The Lake

Web synthesis about this name:

...Viviane is a fast touring kayak designed for advanced paddlers who demand speed and performance in all conditions.
Viviane is the choice of european expedition paddlers for good reasons.
Viviane is a copyist and a bit of a dreamer who loves old stories.
Viviane is determined to do everything she can to prove herself worthy of him.
Viviane is very strongly still for the old pagan religion.
Viviane is slowly but surely targeting a global success.
Viviane is the sort of mindlessly spunky heroine who insists upon accompanying the hero on a dangerous rescue mission.
Viviane is a richer role than the part i played in la reine margot.
Viviane is the lady of the lake and the high priestess of the mist.
Viviane is willing to sacrifice her niece and nephew for the good of avalon.

What is the origin of name Viviane? Probably France or Brazil.

Viviane spelled backwards is Enaiviv
This name has 7 letters: 4 vowels (57.14%) and 3 consonants (42.86%).

Anagrams: Ivevina Ivenaiv Vianeiv Neiviav Evaniiv Nievvia Ainevvi Ivivena Naveivi Eavivin
Misspells: Vivisne Vyviane Wiviane Vivianea Vviiane Viviaen Vivinae

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