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The word Yousef has a web popularity of 15300000 pages.


What means Yousef?

The meaning of Yousef is: The Name Yousef Comes From An Arabic Origin It Was The Name Of One Of The Islamic Leaders Other Wise

Yousef says: The name yousef cames from the profit Joseph/yousef in arabic.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Yousef is the fifth person sentenced in connection with the world trade center bombing.
Yousef is the convicted mastermind of the 1993 world trade center bombing.
Yousef is 13 years old he goes to north star middle school.
Yousef is now firmly committed to possibly the best.
Yousef is not an iraqi national but a pakistani from the region of mand in makran in the turbat district of balochistan province of pakistan.
Yousef is a liverpool legend to anyone who has spent a night in the annex at cream after thinking they were just going to wander through on the way.
Yousef is gisteren door een rechtbank in new york veroordeeld tot 240 jaar gevangenisstraf.
Yousef is planning a gig at ministry of sound at pacha this friday as part.
Yousef is launching his own monthly club night in liverpool.
Yousef is now firmly committed to undoubtedly the best club in the world.

What is the origin of name Yousef? Probably Saudi Arabia or United Arab Emirates.

Yousef spelled backwards is Fesuoy
This name has 6 letters: 4 vowels (66.67%) and 2 consonants (33.33%).

Anagrams: Yofues Ousyef Usefyo Foyseu Seufyo Oyfuse Syufoe Osufye Yofesu
Misspells: Iousef Youef Yousefa Yuosef Yousfe Youesf

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Yousef Hashem
Yousef Haji
Yousef Balhas
Yousef Almejalhem
Yousef Moukhlis
Yousef Pipelzadeh
Yousef Fathy Mobica
Yousef Sayyed Ahmad
Yousef Bakhshi
Yousef Jalaly Rudsary
Yousef Samin
Yousef Alsaigh
Yousef Abougabal
Yousef Aquino
Yousef Abu Injailah
Yousef Sabiri
Yousef Jahani
Yousef Ibrahim
Yousef Houshiya
Yousef Ben Mousa
Yousef Al Gablan
Yousef Daqah
Yousef Farsakh
Yousef Sweirki
Yousef Shakhatreh
Yousef Javid
Yousef Omar Ali
Yousef Hussein
Yousef Kfjgvbg
Yousef Altaweel
Yousef Al
Yousef Almhayat
Yousef Al Kahlani
Yousef Shams
Yousef Mahmoudzadeh
Yousef Nawabi
Yousef Maltos
Yousef Alsayed
Yousef Yasin
Yousef Abuoun
Yousef Alshbrqi
Yousef Vi Britannia
Yousef Soboh
Yousef M. Noaman
Yousef Naqi
Yousef Abutaa
Yousef Abdelmonem
Yousef Khalilieh
Yousef Youannas
Yousef Al Humaidan
Yousef Sweilem
Yousef Arabiyat
Yousef Zebdyah
Yousef Qadoora
Yousef Aldalgamony
Yousef Alwahhabi
Yousef Safavi
Yousef Aboujela
Yousef Oqleh