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The word Zineb has a web popularity of 2950000 pages.


What means Zineb?
The meaning of Zineb is unknown.

Web synthesis about this name:

...Zineb is a sensitiser though a few individuals may be allergic to zineb.
Zineb is a very economical protectant fungicide for the control of a range of diseases.
Zineb is registered as a general use pesticide by the us environmental protection agency.
Zineb is a commonly used horticultural fungicide which has proven to be effective in controlling helminthosporium in turf.
Zineb is for the combined residue arising from the use of dithiocarbamate fungicides.
Zineb is one of the 90 active substances designated in regulation.
Zineb is nice and fun and aso quite when things get serious.
Zineb is the kind of friend ou can trust no matter what.
Zineb is now doing arabic books and amy is continuing her training with jose diaz.
Zineb is currently training with beverly to catalog johnson materials.

What is the origin of name Zineb? Probably Morocco or France.

Zineb spelled backwards is Beniz
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Ziben Nbeiz Nibez Nezib Inzeb Enbiz Bnize Ebizn Zneib Inbez Ebniz Bnezi Zbeni Bizne
Misspells: Zyneb Zineba Znieb Zinbe Zienb

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Zineb Lebbar
Zineb Sassi
Zineb Laraoussi
Zineb Aitaddi
Zineb Haimeur
Zineb El Kendouci
Zineb Benzaid
Zineb Guennouna
Zineb Hussien
Zineb Houadi
Zineb Menkor
Zineb Sayah
Zineb Achouklati
Zineb Boukaidi Laghzaoui
Zineb El Fadali
Zineb El Fajoui
Zineb Khamlichi
Zineb Regui
Zineb Chaoudri
Zineb Regai
Zineb Zaza
Zineb Chaoui
Zineb Mimouni
Zineb Majdoune
Zineb Lakhdar
Zineb Lehmam
Zineb Archane
Zineb Mourache
Zineb Ouhbi
Zineb Bechar
Zineb Oukis
Zineb Boudi
Zineb Jazouli
Zineb Boulassafer
Zineb Aboufirasse
Zineb Bousfiha
Zineb Himi
Zineb Loussi
Zineb Faham
Zineb Haider
Zineb Malak
Zineb Elmoumen
Zineb Zehdani
Zineb Halaoui
Zineb Chanaoui
Zineb Ramdane
Zineb Zniber
Zineb Akhelij
Zineb Tazouti
Zineb Glila
Zineb Vie
Zineb Chouffai
Zineb Dadi
Zineb Jirari
Zineb Farhat
Zineb Davis
Zineb Harrak
Zineb Z Elkharaj
Zineb Mounjeddine
Zineb Aberkane
Zineb Naiim