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The word Zohra has a web popularity of 6940000 pages.


What means Zohra?

The meaning of Zohra is: Jupiter

Said says: The meaning of Zohra is: Venus

Web synthesis about this name:

...Zohra is zelf met vragen gekomen over hoe ze haar kinderen moet opvoeden.
Zohra is confident the school will be upgraded to a high school.
Zohra is lifting the veil on the private life of moroccans.
Zohra is zaterdag 17 februari 2001 aan de eerste dag van de rest van haar leven begonnen.
Zohra is quick to point out that it is the parliamentary joint monitoring committee on the improvement of the quality of life and status of.
Zohra is al enkele jaren een bekende mediafiguur in vlaanderen.
Zohra is not enough to over power the strength of the invading army or prevent the imprisonment of their peoples.
Zohra is the goddess of beauty and love after which the planet venus is named.
Zohra is playing a typical emotional grandmother in the film.
Zohra is bezig haar lievelingspony pinto te zadelen voor de les van vier uur.

What is the origin of name Zohra? Probably France or UK.

Zohra spelled backwards is Arhoz
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Zoarh Haroz Hoarz Rhaoz Zharo Ahozr Raozh Roahz Oharz Rahoz Zarho
Misspells: Zohrs Zohta Zohla Zoha Zohraa Zhora Zohar Zorha

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Zohra Naji
Zohra Benalia
Zohra Assifar
Zohra Kabani
Zohra Ouahabi
Zohra Khoja
Zohra Zeddoun
Zohra Laissaoui
Zohra El Haddaoui
Zohra Benhiba
Zohra Ben Achour
Zohra Channouf
Zohra Bibi Chandlay
Zohra Azzam
Zohra Hatafi
Zohra Asmal
Zohra Begnene
Zohra Abdi
Zohra Lakial
Zohra Jessa
Zohra Tharani
Zohra El Aida
Zohra Aichaoui
Zohra Hamoudi