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The word Aldana has a web popularity of 2470000 pages.


What means Aldana?

The meaning of Aldana is: The Spanish name Aldana means - a combination of Alda + Ana

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...Aldana is a systems analyst and has also occupied the following positions.
Aldana is currently the director of the royal dance center.
Aldana is currently director of the office of innovation and technology for the enterprise of the school of engineering for industry at the universidad.
Aldana is the son of lucia and alberto aldana of oxnard.
Aldana is the general director of research and development from.
Aldana is a national authority in health promotion and wellness and serves as a grant reviewer for the national institutes of health and the national cancer.
Aldana is a professor in the college of health and human performance at brigham young university and specializes in disease prevention and health promotion.
Aldana is looking to contact spanish speaking latino librarians here in the states and elsewhere.
Aldana is a senior health educator at northridge hospital and is on the board of governors for cerebral palsy for ventura and los.
Aldana is also available to answer questions at 894.

What is the origin of name Aldana? Probably Argentina or Mexico.

Aldana spelled backwards is Anadla
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Aladna Adnaal Laanad Daalna Ldaana Danaal Alaand Ladana Andaal Adanal Laadan Aadaln Naalad Ladaan Alanad
Misspells: Sldana Alldana Aldanaa Adlana Aldaan Aldnaa

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