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The word Alejandro has a web popularity of 45900000 pages.


What means Alejandro?

The meaning of Alejandro is: Unknown

alejandro says: the meaning: conqueror

Web synthesis about this name:

...Alejandro is included on the recommended reading lists of the johns hopkins university.
Alejandro is an outspoken man with a spirited personality.
Alejandro is considered one of the top scientists involved in islet cell transplantation.
Alejandro is a featured artist and choreographer with the compania andaluza de danza at the lope de vega theater in seville and is also a guest artist at the.
Alejandro is currently working and collaborating in many video projects with different visual artists such as performer and writer guillermo gomez.
Alejandro is devastated and i am very concerned for his well being.
Alejandro is the head of the national maya counsel of elders.
Alejandro is also chair of sociedad internet de mexico.
Alejandro is attending the primary school and enjoys being with his friends.
Alejandro is a rare find in the romance world filled mainly with promiscuous heroes.

What is the origin of name Alejandro? Probably Chile or Argentina.

Alejandro spelled backwards is Ordnajela
This name has 9 letters: 4 vowels (44.44%) and 5 consonants (55.56%).

Anagrams: Ljeadaorn Rnadoljea Dnajorael Ordeajaln Jaenorlad Jroalnaed Anjodaelr Dlaenarjo Jonlaedar Joldearan
Misspells: Slejandro Alejandto Allejandro Alejandlo Alejando Alejandroa Aeljandro Alejandor Alejanrdo

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Aliysia Alejandro
Queral Alejandro
Guillermo Alejandro
Abalderramapa Balderrama Alejandro
Ordaz Alejandro
Campero Alejandro
Vidaurri Alejandro
Aurelyn Alejandro
Marcelino Alejandro
Eloiza Alejandro
Rod Alejandro
Rob Alejandro