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The word Allard has a web popularity of 3790000 pages.


What means Allard?

The meaning of Allard is: Brave

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...Allard is a colorado veterinarian committed to cutting taxes.
Allard is awarded the homeownership hero award by homeownership alliance member ken guenther.
Allard is working in congress to help address the economic impact of domestic violence.
Allard is committed to combating the growing use of alcohol by children.
Allard is working to make xbox one of the most balanced systems available.
Allard is anther aka that lamont cranston duing the world war 1 and afterbut the shadow is really lamount cranston.
Allard is highly competitive and will go down to the wire.
Allard is even offering technical guidance to other teachers.
Allard is the only one in the room who knows how to operate the microscope.
Allard is in his 12th season as an assistant coach of the rensselaer baseball program.

What is the origin of name Allard? Probably France or Netherlands.

Allard spelled backwards is Dralla
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Ladral Ldalra Llaard Lardal Dlaarl Dlaral Ladlar Dalalr Radlal Laldar
Misspells: Sllard Allatd Alllard Allald Allad Allarda Alladr Allrad

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