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What means Allert?

The meaning of Allert is: Younger form of Alert

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...Allert is also adjunct professor for the loyola college in baltimore where she teaches a graduate course in the mba programme on internet marketing.
Allert is the keynote speaker for the iir helpdesk gruppen conference in stockholm.
Allert is a nature mystic who uses the clay as a means to get close to the primitive motions which time and nature are part of.
Allert is also chairman of australasia railway corporation and the national wine centre and a member of the singapore australia business alliance forum.
Allert is a chartered accountant and company director.
Allert is a certified practitioner and trainer for psychodrama.
Allert is also a director of the australia business arts foundation.
Allert is seen as the probable replacement for wallis and has been holding talks with all of the directors.
Allert is aware hostilities probably would not abate with the removal of lew from the board.
Allert is the deputy chairman of national mutual holdings ltd and holds executive positions on the boards of a wide range of business ventures including.

What is the origin of name Allert? Probably UK or Sweden.

Allert spelled backwards is Trella
This name has 6 letters: 2 vowels (33.33%) and 4 consonants (66.67%).

Anagrams: Letral Ltalre Lleart Lertal Tlaerl Tleral Latler Telalr Retlal Leltar
Misspells: Sllert Allett Alllert Allertt Allelt Allet Allerta Alletr Allret

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