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The word Anthony has a web popularity of 644000000 pages.


What means Anthony?

The meaning of Anthony is: Worthy Of Praise

jay marie says: Hi im jay marie florig gultiano im 14 yrs.old I school in Quezon bukidnon, philippines.

Anthony Dernellis says: The History of the Dernellis Family The members of the Dernellis family, mainly settled on Lesvos island, Greece, since late medieval period, are possibly the only and rare descendants of Dernell Canmore, Princess of Scotland (1215 - 1238). Princess Dernell was born in 1215 in Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland and died in 1238 in Dounke Temple, Scotland. Her father was the famous Alexander of Scotland (1198 - 1249) and her mother Isabella, Countess of Atholl (1190 - 1236). In 1236, the Princess was married to Sir Alexander Hoo (1166 - 1241), usually referred as "Knight Hoo". The marriage ceremony was held in Hereford, Herefordshire, England. Though, Sir Alexander died on Rhodes island, Greece, after only 5 years after the marriage during the 7th Crusade. Till then, he had managed to establish his castle and headquarters on Lesvos island, move his wife (Princess Dernell) and their son Roger over there and begin his sallies all over the Aegean Sea, using his strong fleet. Death met him early during a naval battle near Rhodes island. Princess Dernell and Sir Alexander's only child, Roger Hoo (1240 - 1339) lived long enough - died at the age of 99 years - to travel all around Europe. He had essentially not ever forsaken the family castle in Lesvos as he and his mother, Princess Dernell, not only refurbished it but also built it on. It seems that both Princess Dernell and her son Roger were very beloved by the locals who used to call Roger "the Dernell's son". From their side, the Princess and her son, as well as his children seem that were very generous to the islanders of Lesvos. And this is my ancestors story in short. I may respectfully confess that I am proud for them. I am proud to be a member of the Dernellis family.

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...Anthony is genomineerd voor sporttalent van het jaar 2002 door de.
Anthony is a tattooed hypocrite loser first he says he needs.
Anthony is genomineerd voor sporttalent van het jaar 2002 door de zeeuwse sportraad.
Anthony is asking for is the fair trial he is entitled to.
Anthony is available for private lessons in stage combat.
Anthony is letting us and his teachers know that in school he means business.
Anthony is also known for his skills and athletic ability in softball.
Anthony is a 1979 graduate of life chiropractic college.
Anthony is always finding himself right in the middle of his co.
Anthony is himself a contemplative as well as a spiritual father to many.

What is the origin of name Anthony? Probably UK or France.

Anthony spelled backwards is Ynohtna
This name has 7 letters: 3 vowels (42.86%) and 4 consonants (57.14%).

Anagrams: Tohnyan Nohtyna Ntynoha Thonyna Nynahot Nnytaho Tnaohny Hotnayn Ynhonat Tyanohn Ohnyatn Ntohyan Hantyno Notyhan Yotnahn
Misspells: Snthony Antthony Anthoni Anthonya Atnhony Anthoyn Anthnoy

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