Bhuyan - details and analysis   

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The word Bhuyan has a web popularity of 1360000 pages.


What means Bhuyan?
The meaning of Bhuyan is unknown.

Ankush Bhuyan says: For meaning of Bhuyan, refer to "A cultural Journey: With the Bhuiyas of Central East India" by Tony Herbert (Indian Social Institute, New Delhi). Baro (or twelve) Bhuyans were disciples of Sri Sri Sankardev & our family, we believe,descends from one of them.

What is the origin of name Bhuyan? Probably UK or United Arab Emirates.

Bhuyan spelled backwards is Nayuhb
This name has 6 letters: 3 vowels (50.00%) and 3 consonants (50.00%).

Anagrams: Nuabyh Hynabu Huyban Nbuahy Nbauhy Haunby Hnubay Ynhaub Ybunha Nyubha Hyunba
Misspells: Bhuysn Bhuian Bhuyana Buhyan Bhuyna Bhuayn

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Rupjyoti Bhuyan
Rouf Bhuyan
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Leon Bhuyan
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Indrajit Bhuyan
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Pranabjyoti Bhuyan
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Ripon Bhuyan
Kcg Bhuyan
Maniruzzaman Bhuyan
Vickram Bhuyan
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Moyeen Bhuyan
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Rupak Bhuyan
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Manoranjan Bhuyan
Biplab Bhuyan
Sharif Ullah Bhuyan
Prasanjit Bhuyan
Arya Bhuyan
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Monimugdha Bhuyan
Avhi Bhuyan
Rafiqul Bhuyan
Ashish Kumar Bhuyan
Kalpataru Bhuyan
Sabita Bhuyan
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Amritlal Bhuyan
Babanendu Bhuyan
Adhar Bhuyan
Chandan Bhuyan
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Purna Bhuyan
Sunny Bhuyan
Sattar Bhuyan
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Silpasindhu Bhuyan
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Manabendra Bhuyan
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Neerad Bhuyan
Bijay Kumar Bhuyan
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Tara Bhuyan
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Pubali Bhuyan
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Habibullah Bhuyan
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Wrick Bhuyan
Amitav Bhuyan
Deepak Bhuyan
Arup Bhuyan
Sandeep Bhuyan
Amitakhya Bhuyan
Geet Bhuyan
Svetlana Bhuyan
Devajit Bhuyan
Madhumita Bhuyan
Navajyoti Bhuyan
Himanshu Sekhar Bhuyan
Rishi Bhuyan