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The word Blake has a web popularity of 256000000 pages.


What means Blake?

The meaning of Blake is: White

Karen Blake says: Blake is a shortened version of 'by the lake' which refers to the persons dwelling location origin UK

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...Blake is congratulated by andre agassi at the legg mason.
Blake is escorted into police headquarters in downtown los angeles on april 18 after he was arrested for investigation of murder in connection.
Blake is congratulated by andre agassi at the legg mason tennis classic.
Blake is best known as justin the blue power ranger.
Blake is a member of the faculty of both the university of the arts in philadelphia and the manhattan school of music in new york.
Blake is a jazz musician who seems to have a limitless musical vocabulary.
Blake is 15 years old and is in 9th grade this year.
Blake is committed to reaching out to alumni families.
Blake is hanging in and holds serve but now he must hope for a lapse in concentration from his opponent that might help him get back.
Blake is named a director of rhino publications limited.

What is the origin of name Blake? Probably UK or New Zealand.

Blake spelled backwards is Ekalb
This name has 5 letters: 2 vowels (40.00%) and 3 consonants (60.00%).

Anagrams: Bleka Lkabe Alekb Labke Kaelb Baekl Kbael Kelba Kleab Bakle Laekb Kealb Bekal Elbak
Misspells: Blske Bllake Blakea Balke Blaek Blkae

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