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The word Brecht has a web popularity of 20400000 pages.


What means Brecht?

The meaning of Brecht is: Nobly bright

Web synthesis about this name:

...Brecht is generally considered one of the great playwrights and directors of the 20th century.
Brecht is able to correctly assess the state of theatre today.
Brecht is being transported through east berlin on the back of a lorry.
Brecht is considered a national leader in the senior housing industry and has helped to establish appropriate.
Brecht is now a significant theatrical figure of the twentieth century.
Brecht is working as a drama critic for the augsburg paper der volkswille.
Brecht is a professor of asian and east european languages and culture at the university of maryland.
Brecht is most well known for his work as a dramatist and playwright.
Brecht is very much a part of this century of the charismatic.
Brecht is a fairly light hearted writer and especially his last scene in fact i quite dislike his last scene.

What is the origin of name Brecht? Probably Belgium or Netherlands.

Brecht spelled backwards is Thcerb
This name has 6 letters: 1 vowels (16.67%) and 5 consonants (83.33%).

Misspells: Btecht Brechtt Blecht Becht Brechta Bercht Brecth Brehct

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