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What means Bruinsma?
The meaning of Bruinsma is unknown.

Trudy Bruinsma says: I am 86 now dob parents came to the USA as newlyweds. Dad albertus Gerardus Bruinsma 21 and Geertruida Wiehemeyer 20, left for the safer shores of another nation and I was blessed to be born here 2 years later, an American citizen! You ask, what means Bruinsma? I have a family history chart that was done by one of my close relatives from Holland, that indicates relatives also in Friesland sent to me in the early 1960s. I may still have it. My interest in the name meaning was aroused when I learned that the name may have come from a 'tribal' or 'clan' source involving the word/aka>the color of brown [perhaps alluding to hair color] but I am not sure. Perhaps someone hereon can provide more information background via their own research in English. Bruinsma is not a 'common' name except in Europe, north. The name in Australia is very rare and I happen to know originates their today with one of my close cousins ! I live in Arizona now.

Robert Wiehemeijer says:

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...Bruinsma is daarmee de eerste burgemeester die wordt benoemd na een procedure waarbij de bevolking zich per referendum heeft kunnen uitspreken.
Bruinsma is not alone in this blatant rejection of a fundamental.
Bruinsma is difficult to follow and overly complex for an introduction to the topic.
Bruinsma is journalist en werkt bij de amersfoortse courant.
Bruinsma is voor een halve dag in de week gedetacheerd aan de pleijsierschool vanuit zijn bedrijf dat meedoet aan het.
Bruinsma is achtenveertig en verhuurt al vijfentwintig jaar kamers aan studenten.
Bruinsma is the youth pastor at community crc in kitchener.
Bruinsma is a family physician practicing in wakefield.
Bruinsma is an independent design writer and critic.
Bruinsma is chair regulator reform of the legal profession under the aegis of the working group of the legal professions rscl.

What is the origin of name Bruinsma? Probably Netherlands or UK.

Bruinsma spelled backwards is Amsniurb
This name has 8 letters: 3 vowels (37.50%) and 5 consonants (62.50%).

Anagrams: Nsimurab Munarsib Sabinumr Mrusiban Rsuamnib Bnimsaur Srimbuna Insubarm
Misspells: Bruinsms Btuinsma Bruynsma Bluinsma Buinsma Bruinma Bruinsmaa Burinsma Bruinsam Bruinmsa

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